Firing Services

We offer external firing services in our electric kilns for stoneware or mid-fire clays. We have two firing schedules. One set at cone 6 (mid-fire) and the other at cone 10 (stoneware/porcelain). Unfortunately, we DO NOT fire at earthenware temperatures.

Prices for our firing services are as followed;

  • Bisque firing = $15 per kilo 
  • Glazing firing = $15 per kilo 

Important and please take note: 

  • When dropping off vessels, please ensure they are all marked with your full name. We will fire your work with many other students so we won't accept vessels without names.
  • Your work will be available to collect between 5-12 days after drop off.
  • We cannot take responsibility for items that break/crack in the kiln. Firing can be very unpredictable. 
  • Student work will take priority over external firings.
  • Payment is due only upon collection of your items. 
  • We do not keep cash on the premises. Payments are via credit card only.

‍Please organise booking via the link below.

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