The Potter

I create my functional ceramic vessels using hand throwing techniques on a Pottery Wheel. Each piece is made thoughtfully through a slow process in my Smeaton Grange studio and double checked by my Border Collie assistant, Bernie.

I rarely make the same pot twice. I honestly believe in a way this reflects how I live my life. I’ve never been settled on one idea and anyone who knows me would agree - I’m constantly changing my mind and ideas and acquiring new interests as well as leaving some behind. Pottery is probably the only passion I’ve kept for several years and maybe that’s because of how well it reflects me. I love the uniqueness of each form, I love that you’ll never be able to make a perfect replication of the same pot and that is why handmade pottery is so beautiful. Anything handmade should be celebrated for the marks inherited from the making process.
I first sat behind a pottery wheel in 2004 in a children’s art class at Hazelhurst, Gymea, only twelve at the time. I remember how excited I was. Only countless unplanned decisions, a gifted pottery wheel and failures put me on a path of where I ended up today and so far I don’t regret any of them. I love creating beautiful things that people find joy in using and most days this is exactly what I get to do.

Latara x